sitEX Properties AG

sitEX Properties Holding AG, based in Lachen (SZ), is an owner-managed real estate company with a special focus on sustainable and innovative project developments in (Northwest) Switzerland and Central Florida (Orlando, Tampa). Our portfolio of diversified investment properties in Switzerland and abroad serves as a solid basis for our various growth projects. As an owner-managed company, we think long-term and strive for a constant increase in company value in order to create sustainable value for our shareholders. Thanks to our lean organizational structure, we are agile and able to react dynamically to changes.

sitEX is built on a lean and very flexible structure, allowing to follow a very dynamic and entrepreneurial strategic approach. The vision of the company, built on four pillars.

Adding Value: sitEX invests in properties with a clear potential for value growth. The company only acquires properties with significant potential for value appreciation. sitEX repositions and develops all acquired properties to catalyze the value appreciation and benefit from a significant gain.

Developing Undeveloped Sites: Through its widespread network and thorough local expertise, sitEX manages to discover “hidden pearls” in its key markets. A strategic project development involving strong ties to local authorities ensures a substantial value gain. sitEX only invests in properties and areas with substantial long-term upside potential.

Quick Decision-Making Process: To seize opportunities you need to act quickly and carefully. Fast, proven processes lead to solid results. sitEX is able to make preliminary investment decisions about potential properties within 48 hours. This makes it possible for us to evaluate, confirm and purchase properties in the shortest possible time. At sitEX, we are committed to creating value by never missing a good opportunity.

  • The Eichwatt development is located in the heart of Regensdorf, a village in the vicinity of the Zurich airport.
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  • This commercial building is located in Füllinsdorf, a village near Liestal and just a 15mins drive away from Basel city center.
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  • The Renggloch is a commercial building in Kriens, a town in the vicinity of Lucerne.
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  • This property is located in the heart of the old town of Basel.
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  • The modern Wengipark is located near the historic old town of Solothurn.
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  • Werbholle is the company’s smallest holding in terms of value.
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  • The Lagonda building is located in the heart of the industrial district of Muttenz, a 10 minute drive from downtown Basel.
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  • Avalon Park West

    Developed on over 1,600 acres, West Florida’s most extensive traditional community features individual neighborhoods nestled in serene, natural surroundings in the Tampa Bay area.
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  • Lot 1 of Pier 8/9 sits directly under the southern end of lot 2 at Pier 8/9. Comprising of 1,007 m2, lot 1 represents 10% of the entirety of Pier 8/9. Positioned at the front of the building, lot 1 presents several striking heritage elements including the original wool chutes. The property is currently fully leased to a local architectural practice, Jackson Teece, and a video production agency, Method Studios. Built: 2001 Acquired: 2015

  • Originally constructed as a wool handling and storage wharf in the early 1900’s, the waterfront property was completely refurbished and repur- posed as office space in 2001. The award winning refurbishment high- lights the Harbor views, while maintaining and conserving the heritage fabric of the building. Lot 2 which represents 70% of the entire build- ing, is home to the Australian headquarters of Yahoo7 and international architectural practice Hassel Architects. Built: 2001 Acquired: 2014

  • Completely refurbished in 2007, the property benefits from a ground floor shop, four floors of historic office space, and a two-story pent- house apartment (currently being utilized as commercial office space). Being located in Sydney’s financial center, the building appeals to various company types. At present it is occupied by Dimension Data and pharmaceutical company Allergen. Built: 1912/1914 Acquired: 2013

  • 35 town homes in 12 buildings The city of Terrace is a vibrant and growing community in northwestern British Columbia. It has the largest population base in the region and is regarded as the service, transportation, educational and medical hub of the area. It is also strategically positioned to support billions of dollars of regional economic development. Since autumn 2015, seven family houses are under construction.

  • Our Hong Kong-based subsidiary invested CHF 4 million in D & S Asia Green Property Fund II. The fund is currently investing in the development of seven different housing projects in China and Indonesia.